The portfolio of Birgitte M. R. Johnsen


Here is a handful of my illustrations, created to illustrate editorial articles, stories, posters and even packaging. Some of these images were done for actual clients, while others were done as personal projects. There is of course much more to see on in the illustration section of my site.

In case you happen to be looking for an editorial illustrator for a project, or maybe have a story which needs illustrations, please get in touch.


I have to admit that I really enjoy painting portraits, and the challenge of capturing the likeness of people and pets. For every face, be it a person or an animal, there is something distinct about each face, what makes them, well them. And therein lies the challenge: capturing the little things and details.

More images of this type is available in the portrait and pet portrait sections of my site. And of course if you are after a portrait of your loved one, or maybe a pet, and you like what you see, then please drop me a line.


It is probably already apparent from the previous section, but I love drawing animals, be it as pet portraits, or as stylised characters and imaginary creatures. But of course there are more animal drawings which encompass both portraits, animal paintings and characters, which you can find in the animals section.


While I specialise more in editorial illustration and portrait painting, I also really enjoy painting landscapes and sceneries. These type of images open new worlds of beauty and wonder, be it real or imaginary places, which often are made believable based on environments we're used to. You can find more image like these in the environments section of the site.