Hello there!

I’m Birgitte, a Norwegian freelance illustrator and designer. I work in a wide range of styles, and most recently I have been working with strong colours and limited colour palettes.

My images are created in both digital and traditional mediums, sometimes a mix of the two. I work primarily with raster based digital art, however, I also create vector based imagery. When working with traditional mediums I often work with mediums such as pencil, ink and watercolours. What medium I use when creating an image depends on the purpose and context the image will sit in.

I also combine text and imagery in different layouts, be it for books, posters or magazines.


I am available for freelance projects, big and small, as well as commission pieces. Feel free to contact me on hello@birgittejohnsen.com.

Social media

My imagery is not only kept here on my site. In fact I tend to my work both on Instagram and Twitter, where there are also some general chatter from time to time. I also post my work to Dribbble, and I ArtStation. Feel free to give me a follow or contact me on these social media platforms.