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Hello there!

I am Birgitte, a Norwegian freelance illustrator and designer.

My passion is to produce colourful, playful and eye-catching imagery, which often leads me to work with limited colour palettes. These can be anything from bright colours, to more naturalistic and muted colours, all depending on the brief at hand, or the idea and mood I’m going for. Of course this makes it a lot easier for me to work with people and companies who want to use a set colour palette for their imagery.

The work I do include creating illustrations for articles, stories, poster and so on, though I also do design, which also includes typesetting for books. I’ve also been known for painting portraits both of people and pets, as well as landscape and travel themed imagery.

If you’re in the market for illustrations your story or project, or maybe you want a portrait of your favourite person or pet, then drop me a line. I work on both private commissions and corporate projects, where I produce work to the provided brief as well as meet the set deadlines.


If you’re interested in commissioning me for a big or a small project, please get in touch by sending an email to hello@birgittejohnsen.com. Please also provide a little bit of details about the project you have in mind, including possible deadlines.

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