Like all freelancers I take on both commercial and private commissions, and while this page is mostly filled with portraits, but it also includes my illustration work. For many of these I have been working in a style where I paint using a limited colour palette, which means I select as few colours as possible, while still getting enough details and character into the images. I may work with as few as two, or three colours, but can also be as many as ten and more, each image is different. Of course the main goal is to create illustrations which are to the specification of the individual commission and image.

Please know that I am available for both big and small projects, be it portraits, editorial illustration, packaging design, book illustrations. If you think my style may be suitable for a project or image, know that I am available for projects big and small, please get in touch.

Saul the French bulldog
Baby girl the cat
Morty, the stocker
Foxes in autumn contains multiple images
Social media - gaming icon contains multiple images
Arthur the outpaw
Kan Min contains multiple images
Oliver contains multiple images
Oliver in memoriam
Alma and Liss
Aurora James contains multiple images
Dog family
Desert ruins contains multiple images
Agility dogs
Family portrait
Morty, the stocker contains multiple images
Watson, the Cavalier King Charles spaniel
Lucky, the golden retriever border collie mix
Poppy, the border collie
ARJ konsulent logo design
Coffee lovers