Animals in snow

I painted a set of three images not only to tell a little story, but I also wanted to create three images which would flow into each other, creating an odd panoramic image. These images were painted separately, in separate files, and line up well not only in the order I have posted them in here, but also in the reverse order.

A digital painting showing a scene with a field mouse, a fox and a weasle, though some of the animals appearing multiple times.
A close up of a little field mouse about to exit its maze of tunnels, which is dangerous as it is very visible against the white snow.
Media: Digital.

We might not often spot mice in the wild during winter, so it’s easy to assume they hibernate, but they don’t. Many of them have little burrows and tunnels under the snow, much like this little guy.

A fox standing on the snow listening for its next meal, unbeknownst that a mouse is already peaking out of its burrow or tunnel.
Media: Digital.

In winter foxes often listen for mice under the snow and hunt them that way. They tend to do a head tilt, to hone in on the sounds they’re hearing under the snow. If you look closely you might be able to find the next animal somewhere in this image.

The fox dives into the snow, with its head underneath the surface, however a weasel has ran out from behind the trees and captured the mouse.
Media: Digital.

When trying to catch prey under the snow foxes jump and dive, which is quite adorable, and sometimes they look like they get stuck. Unlike both the mouse and the fox, weasels change colours in winter, at least in the northern hemisphere. Using its stealth this little weasel got its prey, though who knows, the fox might not go hungry if there’s more mice under the snow.