Pet portrait of Asti the Podengo Português.
Media: Ink, watercolours and coloured pencils.

Pet portrait of the adorable Asti, who happens to be the sister of Alma and Liss. Asti is Podengo Português, which is a breed that comes in three sizes (small, medium and big) and two coat types (smooth and wired). Of these Asti is a small, smooth coated Podengo Português, and when I say small, I mean she’s about 20 and 30 cm tall, or no bigger than a cat. That said she is a ball of engergy, and runs really quickly as well.

Most of the pet portraits on my site are painted digitally, unlike this one which is painted using traditional mediums, including ink, watercolours and coloured pencils. These type of commissions take a bit longer to complete, due to the drying time of inks and paint.

I am available for both digital and traditional portrait commissions. So if you want to immortalise your pet, or maybe the pet of a loved one, please feel free to get in touch!