Baby girl the cat

A digitally painted portrait of Baby girl, a white and grey cat that's lying stretched out on her backs with her eyes closed.
Media: Digital.

In early December of 2021 I was commissioned to paint a portrait of a cat, known as Baby girl. The image was to be gift for the cat’s owner, who happens to be my commissioner’s girlfriend. Due to the timing of when I was contacted, and my availability, I was able to complete the portrait in time for Christmas. And the gift was a success! Not only does my commissioner love the portrait, but the intended recipient, his girlfriend, loves it as well.

I was supplied several references of Baby girl, but the brief specified that there was one reference in particular that the commissioner liked a lot. With that in mind, and the imagery I had received I created several sketches, both staying true to the references I had been given and my commissioner’s request. As there was only one reference of the desired pose, I also found reference photos of cats in similar poses, just to get a better idea of the pose.

Pet portraits are perfect gifts, because you know how much the recipient love their pets. Therefore immortalising them in this way is truly special, and it will be a very loved and cherished gift. Would you want to give this kind gift to a loved one, or maybe immortalise your own pet? If so get in touch!