Bear seasons - all four bears and seasons.
Bear seasons, spring.

Spring bear

When I think of spring I think of flowers and light colours. I also think of the cherry blossoms, which of course brings me to Japan and Asia, which in turn brings me to pandas.

I tried to focus on the colours, to make a light and happy atmosphere, something I hope I’ve managed to do.

Bear seasons, summer.

Summer bear

Thinking of bears in summer I think of bear cubs, and how they’re learning crucial skills through play and watching mother bear hunt. Of course I’d rather focus on the fun parts of play, as I want the bears in this collection to be friendly and spark joy.

I also wanted to set the bears apart from the background and trees, which is why I chose to not have any trees the same colour as the bears.

Bear seasons, autumn.

Autumn bear

Autumn bear is a bit similar to both the aforementioned waving bear and polar bear, which shouldn’t be much as a surprise considering the pose is quite familiar. While the colour scheme is also similar to the waving bear, but I’ve also worked to warm the colours up and create more depth. I decided to paint a black bear rather than a brown- or polar bear, because this would have a very high contrast to the background colours.

To be fair I think this image have a few too many colours, perhaps, but I absolutely love this image.

Bear seasons, winter.

Winter bear

A polar bear is of course the best and only choice for winter. The colours are also a bit of a given, as winter is quite dark where the polar bears are. If a polar bear could I believe it would build itself a snowbear.

There are so many ways I could have played this: I could totally have played it as a global warming awareness piece, however that would not make it fit in with the happy and whimsical mood set by the others. That being said, it doesn’t mean that I won’t revisit this image in particular for that very reason.