Kitty seasons

This seasonal themed illustration is a little bit different to the others I have done. Both the series of bears and dogs featured different species. However, in this series we are following the same cat that’s exploring different seasons in Japan. These four images started as part of a bigger project, where these images in particular were crafted to be a seasonal set.

A black cat walking on a branch in the middle of the cherry blossoms.


Media: Digital.

A typical spring sign is fruit trees blossoming. In Japan a sure sign of spring is the blooming sakura, or cherry blossoms. During spring a lot of Japanese people take part in enjoying the cherry blossoms, or even ume (plum blossoms), through a tradition called hanami. That said, this little kitty might have taken things to the extreme, and apparently wanted a much closer look at the flowers.

A black cat, seen from below, as it lies on a stand holding several glass wind chimes in the shape of bells.


Media: Digital.

The glass wind chimes hanging down are called “Furin”, the word literally meaning “wind bell”. These are often found during the summer months where they hang from balconies and porches on Japanese houses. Traditionally they were found in Buddhist temples, and during summer months they can be found in several shrines and temples, some of which also hold furin festivals.

It appears the little kitty has climbed the stand holding these wind chimes, maybe to get a better view of things. But maybe, just maybe, little paws will start to swat at the glass bells at any moment.

A ginkgo bonsai tree with yellow leaves is barely hiding a the cute black cat sitting behind it.


Media: Digital.

Ginkgo trees are always so beautiful, but even more so during autumn when their green fan-shaped leaves turn bright yellow. There’s several really large and old ginkgo trees dotted around Japan, though it appears the kitty has found a bonzai version that, sadly, cannot be climbed. Playing hide and seek might work better though.

A three legged stone lantern standing in the snow, though inside the fire box a little black cat has made itself comfortable.


Media: Digital.

In parks across Japan we find different stone lanterns. These lanterns vary in height, size, some hang, some stand on a pedestal while some have legs. This specific type of legged lantern, known as Yukimi-dōrō, are traditionally placed near water.

The kitty obviously felt the fire box of the lantern was a really nice place to lie to get away from the snow.