Cattember 2019 all images

In September 2019 I decided to do another drawing challenge. As I already did Doggust, I decided that it was only fair to do Cattember as well. So for the month of September I followed two different art prompt lists; one for cat breeds/types and another which is a single word which is used to get a better idea of what the cat will be doing.

The images are posted in the order they were drawn.

Media: Digital.
A black cat leaping set against a bright yellow background.

Black cat & leaping

This image is based on an actual cat I know. She sneaks in without you noticing, as though she’s your shadow, and she’ll effortlessly jump onto tall cabinets and even fridges.

A siamese cat in a magic hat, as though it took the place of white rabbit.

Siamese & magical

Maybe a little bit cliché, but when I was thinking magical I was thinking of a magician, and how they’d replace the standard white rabbit with a siamese instead.

A white Maine coon on a glass table, seen from below allowing us to see its little toes and how its fluff is smushed down.

Maine coon & toe beans

I loved creating this image, and using a slightly different angle than usual. The aim was to be able to draw the cat’s toes without having it stretch or claw at something, and this was the result.

Two orange persian kittens.

Persian & babies

The prompts here lead to a quite simple image: Persian kittens.

A sphynx cat all wrapped up in a blanket, sleeping very cosily.

Sphynx & sleeping

Also a rather self-explanatory image, though as a Sphynx doesn’t have any fur, I wanted to make this one super cozy.

A ragdoll with its hair up in a curler.

Ragdoll & pampered

This little kitty is getting its hair curled, and it appears to enjoy it. In hindsight I could have done more here, added a sheet mask or something like that, but I initially wanted to keep it rather simple.

An orange tabby basking in the sun.

Tabby & sun-basking

Cats love sleeping in the sun, be it indoors or outdoors. I suppose they just love being nice and warm.

A mischievous Devon rex playing with a toilet roll, tearing it up.

Devon rex & mischief

What happens when a cat finds a toilet roll? I definitively wouldn’t want to be the one who’d have to pick up after this.

A very grumpy grey and white Norwegian forest cat.

Norwegian forest cat & grumpy

I have no idea what this cat has done to be so grumpy, but it seems its day has been ruined, and it might just be out to ruin your day as well.

A burmese cat sitting amongst a small mountain of sweets, human sweets.

Burmese & sweet

Just a cat in a mountain of sweets, obviously not intended for it.

A russian blue cat playing jumping to try to catch a dragon fly.

Russian blue & play

Cats love to hunt, be it animals, insects or toys.

A snowshoe (a cat with white paws), has a funny expression on its face; with crossed eyes and a little bit of its tongue sticking out.

Snowshoe & blep

Not certain if I managed to make this kitty derpy enough, but it’s still cute I think

A white munchkin cat (a cat with very short legs, like a cat version of a dachshund or corgi) with a tiny crown.

Munchkin & majestic

I found these two prompts quite fitting. Munchkins are sort of the cat version of Corgis, who has Corgis? The Queen of England! The two prompts may be a match made in heaven.

Two ghosts hovering over a Himalayan cat which arches is back to look bigger, and its hair is all fluffed.

Himalayan & spooky

This cat wishes there was a cat version of ghost busters to get rid of the spirits which are spooking it.

A bengal cat lying on its back, enjoying the catnip it has been given, which is scattered around the ground.

Bengal & treat

This little kitty may have had a bit too much catnip.

An orange cat climbing the curtains.

Orange cat & hyperactive

There might have been a bug or something this cat is chasing, or maybe its just having its daft half hour.

A manx cat playing with a ball, with more balls in the background.

Manx & toys

I imagine there being more toys off-screen, though it can only play with one toy at the time.

A yawning and stretching japanese bobtail.

Japanese bobtail & yawn

A yawn is often followed by a lovely stretch.

A door is ajar leading into a dark room, two yellow eyes is all that is visible in the cat sitting in the doorway.

Bombay & hiding

Ok, this one felt a little bit like cheating, as I have black cat hiding in a dark room, but it is exactly what the cat would do as well.

A Tonkinese cat lying on a windowsill, looking out the window which is covered in rain drops, painted as though the viewer is on the outside looking in.

Tonkienese & water

This cat is surely pleased to be indoors when it’s raining.

A Singapura cat climbing a tree in a small forest.

Singapura & climbing

Some cats climb trees, and like we saw earlier: some climb curtains.

A somali cat happily showing off its fangs.

Somali & fangs

I don’t think this is a vampire cat, though I have to say this cat breed looks gorgeous, so that was more of a focus here than the fangs.

A grey cat (chartreux cat), looking up at you meowing, with the words

Chartreux & meow

I’m not sure what point this cat is trying to get across, though I am guessing might be food related.

A ragamuffin quite sad it's been put in a Dunce hat.

Ragamuffin & hat

Not sure what this one has done, but I am sure the dunce hat isn’t deserved.

A fluffy and happy American bobtail looking quite pleased with itself.

American bobtail & fluff

Most cats are fluffy, so in hindsight I could have made this one more fluffy than the rest.

A burmilla cat lying down on its side and stretching.

Burmilla & stretching

A stretch, possibly mid nap. I hope it’s having some lovely dreams

Two cats snuggled, they're mostly white with colour on their head and ears and tails only. The way they're lying they take the shape of a heart, their tail creating the pointed edge of the heart.

Turkish van & friends

I wanted to draw two hugging cats, though I changed my mind and rather wanted two cats snuggling. The colours and markings of this breed definitively makes this image work so much better.

A LaPerm (a cat with curly fur, sort of like a cat version of a poodle), standing on its hind legs with its front pawns down, similarly to a meerkat.

LaPerm & stand

Cats are odd, sometimes they sit up like meerkats. This breed was also really interesting to draw, as I haven’t seen many curly haired cats before.

A korat cat with its back turned to us, yet it is looking at us through the mirror.

Korat & mirror

Not sure if this kitty may be a little bit vein or if it’s trying to spy on us.

A pixie bob lying down, like a loaf, surrounded by hearts.

Pixie bob & love

A lovely image to end this challenge on, and this cat definitively loves you all.