Two cats snuggled, they're mostly white with colour on their head and ears and tails only. The way they're lying they take the shape of a heart, their tail creating the pointed edge of the heart.
Turkish van & friends
A Tonkinese cat lying on a windowsill, looking out the window which is covered in rain drops, painted as though the viewer is on the outside looking in.
Tonkienese & water
A white Maine coon on a glass table, seen from below allowing us to see its little toes and how its fluff is smushed down.
Maine coon & toe beans
A bengal cat lying on its back, enjoying the catnip it has been given, which is scattered around the ground.
Bengal & treat
A pixie bob lying down, like a loaf, surrounded by hearts.
Pixie bob & love
A Singapura cat climbing a tree in a small forest.
Singapura & climbing
A grey cat (chartreux cat), looking up at you meowing, with the words
Chartreux & meow
A sphynx cat all wrapped up in a blanket, sleeping very cosily.
Sphynx & sleeping
A black cat leaping set against a bright yellow background.
Black cat & leaping
A burmese cat sitting amongst a small mountain of sweets, human sweets.
Burmese & sweet
An orange cat climbing the curtains.
Orange cat & hyperactive
A manx cat playing with a ball, with more balls in the background.
Manx & toys
A ragamuffin quite sad it's been put in a Dunce hat.
Ragamuffin & hat
A korat cat with its back turned to us, yet it is looking at us through the mirror.
Korat & mirror
A somali cat happily showing off its fangs.
Somali & fangs
A mischievous Devon rex playing with a toilet roll, tearing it up.
Devon rex & mischief
A very grumpy grey and white Norwegian forest cat.
Norwegian forest cat & grumpy
A door is ajar leading into a dark room, two yellow eyes is all that is visible in the cat sitting in the doorway.
Bombay & hiding