Celestial big cats

I’ve always had a soft spot for big cats, and I wanted to draw some, but not in their natural setting. I started painting, and experimenting with a few ideas which ended up in this set of celestial big cats leaping across the night sky.

Digital painting of a tiger, jumping across the night sky. Some of its features are blurring into the night sky, making the tiger look like it is jumping out of a super nova.
Media: Digital.

The first image in this series is of course a tiger. It wasn’t until after I had completed this series I realised that there is actually a tiger constellation, more specifically the White Tiger of the West is found among the Chinese constellations.

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A snow leopard jumping down, yet floats with the starry sky as a backdrop. Its eyes shine brightly and some of its features are blurring into what could be reminiscent of a supernova.
Media: Digital.

Next animal up is the snow leopard, which as the name suggests live in a cooler climate than their leopard cousins. This of course means they have a thicker coat, but also have slightly lighter coloured fur (well, the light bits of it at least).

I sometimes see the snow leopard as the leopard’s slightly derpy cousin, as I’ve seen a few funny videos where they’re a bit goofy, but they’re also known as being quite agile.

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Digital portrait of Lucy Fur, the tuxedo cat painted digitally using only seven colours.
Media: Digital.

The final big cat of this series is the lynx. I don’t know why, but when thinking of big cats the lynx never springs to mind as easily as other cats. This might be because there’s often an emphasis on the other cats, often due to their endangered status.

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