A cheetah running across the African plains. The image was painted in a limited colour palette consisting of yellow, pink, blue, purple, cream and white.
Media: Digital.

A cheetah doing what we know it does so well: running after its prey though the prey isn’t in our view just yet. The image is part of a series of animals with recognisable prints painted in a fun bright colour palette. The images were all painted during my limited colour palette art challenge, Huely, and I chose to go with animals with prints as it would let me use some fun contrasting colours to play around with. The series also includes a bathing tiger and a curious giraffe.

This image has been made available as two prints, one with a cream background, like this one, and one with a yellow background on my Inprnt shop.

A portrait of a cheetah painted in yellow, pink, blue, purple, cream and white.
Media: Digital.

I struggled a little bit with the image above, so I ended up doing another cheetah painting, this time more of a bust and portrait. The markings from the corner of the cheetahs eyes and down its cheeks have always intrigued me, and has always seemed so unique to this big cat in particular.

I’ve made this image available as a print, in my Inprnt shop. This one has also been made available on t-shirts, stickers and more, those can be found on my my TeePublic shop.