All the dogs drawn throughout doggust in one drawings in one drawing.
A white Samoyed on a pink background.
A Shar-pei on a teal background.
A spotted Dalmatian on a bright red background.
A squat brown and cream Bulldog painted on a light blue background.
A tan and brown Mastiff on a grass green background.
A cream and brown Finnish Lapphund painted on a dusky blue background..
A black little pug on a yellow background.
A tan pug on a purple background.
A happy little tricoloured beagle on a bright teal background.
A proud brown Standard Poodle on a blue background.
A white Miniature Poodle with a lion cut on a maroon background.
A proud red Toy Poodle on a light turquoise background.
A happy Norwegian Elkhound on a pink background.
A happy tan Chow Chow showing off its blue tongue painted on a warm purple background.
A brindle Greyhound sprinting on a neon teal background.
A happy little white and brown Boston Terrier on a yellow background.
A brown and white Border Collie sitting on its hind legs with its front paws up and folded, painted on peachy pink background.
A red and cream Akita looking very happy on its teal background.
A German Shepherd in tan and browns drawn on a dusky warm purple background.
A happy little red and cream Icelandic Sheepdog painted on a green background.
A very happy and fluffy grey and white Alaskan Malamute painted on a warm yellow background.
A smiling golden labrador retriever on painted on a royal blue background.
A big happy white and brown Saint Bernard with a little keg around its neck, painted on a warm pink.
A grey little fluffy Keeshond painted on a dark purple background.
A handsome brown and white Siberian Husky painted on a yellow background.
A cream and red Shiba Inu sits on a pine green background.
A tan and white Pembroke Welsh Corgi standing on a bright cool-red background.
A white and grey spotted Cardigan Welsh Corgi sitting happily on a bright greenish-blue background.
A tan, brown and cream Eursaiser standing proud on a lime green background.
A small and energic Jack Russell Terrier sitting on a bright pink background.
A white little pomeranian standing out against its purple background.
A black and tan smooth coated Dachshund on a light yellow background.
A wirehaired Dachshund in different browns painted on a dark blue background.
A white and black Great Dane on an orange background.
A brown and tan Rottweiler sitting proud on a wine red background.
A happy Golden Retriever on a green background.