Doggust 2019 all images

During August 2019 I partook in a drawing challenge called Doggust, which was a prompt list based on 31 dog breeds. As much as I love dogs, I have never attempted to draw all of these breeds, so I wanted to join in. While I love dogs, I have never quite attempted to draw that many different breeds. This allowed me to focus on the breeds and try to capture some of what makes them special, while also play around with style. As dogs tend to come in a very natural colour palette I also wanted to add some colour, which happened to be the background.

Listed below are the dogs in the order they were drawn.

Media: Digital.
A white Samoyed on a pink background.


This breed was used to herding reindeer by the Samoyedic peoples of Siberia.

A Shar-pei on a teal background.


The Shar-pei is known for its wrinkly skin, and its name translates to “sandy skin”, obviously referring to the rough texture of its coat. The dogs were originally bred for boar hunting in their native China.

A spotted Dalmatian on a bright red background.


These dogs were originally used as carriage dogs, and would also be running in front of fire carriages to clear a path to get the firefighters to the fires quickly.

A squat brown and cream Bulldog painted on a light blue background.


Unsurprisingly Bulldogs were bred for bull baiting. Luckily this isn’t common anymore, and they make lovely pets.

A tan and brown Mastiff on a grass green background.


Apparently the name of the breed is derived from a French word “Mastin” meaning “watchdog”.

A cream and brown Finnish Lapphund painted on a dusky blue background.

Finnish lapphund

The Finnish Lapphund was been used to herd reindeer in its native country; Finland, as its name suggests. The breed is not often found outside of the Nordic countries though.

A black little pug on a yellow background.

Pug (black)

The breed stems from China, and were mostly bred for companionship.

A tan pug on a purple background.

Pug (tan)

A tan version of the pug, which is also one of the more common colours of the breed.

A happy little tricoloured beagle on a bright teal background.


The breed is known as a scent hound, meaning they’re great sense of smell, and were used in hare hunting, known as “beagling”.

A proud brown Standard Poodle on a blue background.

Standard poodle

The Standard poodle is bred to be a gun dog, and retrieving dog, often used in duck hunting. The name of the breed is also derived from the German word for puddle.

A white Miniature Poodle with a lion cut on a maroon background.

Miniature poodle

The Miniature poodles, unlike its bigger counter part, the Standard poodle, were bred for companionship. However, the smaller version of the breed also gets one of its popular and well known cuts; the lion cut, pictured here.

A proud red Toy Poodle on a light turquoise background.

Toy poodle

Poodles also come in the toy size, which was also bred for companionship. I can only imagine this size being popular with city dwellers who might not have a lot of room for a dog.

A happy Norwegian Elkhound on a pink background.

Norwegian elkhound

The breed has been used for hunting, guarding, defending and herding. It might be a medium sized dog, but it’s used to tracked big animals like moose, elk and even bears.

A happy tan Chow Chow showing off its blue tongue painted on a warm purple background.

Chow Chow

This breed is well known for its blue tongue, and big fluffy fur.

A brindle Greyhound sprinting on a neon teal background.


These dogs are sprinters, and known for being used in Greyhound racing, as the name suggests. They’re also said to make good family pets, and many retired racing dogs retire to a more docile life.

A happy little white and brown Boston Terrier on a yellow background.

Boston terrier

This dapper little breed is also known as the American Gentleman.

A brown and white Border Collie sitting on its hind legs with its front paws up and folded, painted on peachy pink background.

Border collie

The Border Collie was originally bred to herd sheep and other livestock. They’re known for being very intelligent and trainable.

A red and cream Akita looking very happy on its teal background.


The most famous Japanese Akita of the breed may be Hachikō, who would follow his owner to and from the train station, and kept waiting at the station after his owner passed away.

A German Shepherd in tan and browns drawn on a dusky warm purple background.

German shepherd

This breed is well known for being used in search and rescue, as well as work with police and military.

A happy little red and cream Icelandic Sheepdog painted on a green background.

Icelandic sheepdog

As the name suggests they were bred to herd sheep in the Icelandic countryside.

A very happy and fluffy grey and white Alaskan Malamute painted on a warm yellow background.

Alaskan malamute

This breed was bred for strength and endurance and was therefore used to haul heavy freight, and later used as sled dogs.

A smiling golden labrador retriever on painted on a royal blue background.

Labrador retriever

The labrador is a breed known for its work as guide dogs, therapy dogs, detection dogs for law enforcement, and in hunting. They also area popular family pet.

A big happy white and brown Saint Bernard with a little keg around its neck, painted on a warm pink.

Saint Bernard

This big breed stems from the St. Bernard Pass on the Italian-Swiss Border where they were used as rescue dogs.

A grey little fluffy Keeshond painted on a dark purple background.


Also nicknamed The Smiling Dutchman. Apparently the breed somehow ended up being the symbol for a rebellion against the House of Orange.

A handsome brown and white Siberian Husky painted on a yellow background.

Siberian Husky

A breed well known for its use for sled-pulling

A cream and red Shiba Inu sits on a pine green background.

Shiba Inu

A Japanese breed originally used for hunting. Apparently it’s name translates to “brushwood dog”.

A tan and white Pembroke Welsh Corgi standing on a bright cool-red background.

Pembrook Welsh corgi

This breed was originally bred to be cattle dog, which might be hard to believe due to its small stature. This breed is also well known for being loved by Queen Elizabeth, who has owned more 30 dogs of the breed during her reign.

A white and grey spotted Cardigan Welsh Corgi sitting happily on a bright greenish-blue background.

Cardigan Welsh Corgi

The name Corgi is derived from the Welsh ‘Cor gi’ meaning ‘Dwarf dog’. While we often talk about the Corgi as one breed there are actually two distinct breeds, with different standards. The Cardigan tends to have more colour variation.

A tan, brown and cream Eursaiser standing proud on a lime green background.


This dog was bred for companionship.

A small and energic Jack Russell Terrier sitting on a bright pink background.

Jack Russell terrier

This little breed tend to be bundles of energy, and therefore tend to need lots of stimulation and exercise.

A white little Pomeranian standing out against its purple background.


This toy-sized breed was apparently a much bigger type of dog, but has shrunk the cute little dog we know today.

A black and tan smooth haired Dachshund on a light yellow background.

Dachshund - smooth-haired

The Dachshund, also known as the wiener dog or sausage dog. They were actually bred to be a scent hound, and would chase and flush out badgers and other burrow animals. The breed comes in three different fur varieties: smooth-haired, wire-haired and long-haired.

A wire-haired Dachshund in different browns painted on a dark blue background.

Dachshund - wire-haired

A small breed with a long body and short legs, which is perfect for hunting burrow animals, as it would easiliy fit into borrows and make it easier to flush out the prey.

A white and black Great Dane on an orange background.

Great Dane

Also know as the Apollo of dogs. Pictured is the Harlequin variation, which is seemingly the most popular but rarest colour of the breed.

A brown and tan Rottweiler sitting proud on a wine red background.


This breed is well known for its guard dog abilities, but were actually originally used for herding livestock and pulling carts.

A happy Golden Retriever on a green background.

Golden retriever

This breed know as a gun dog and would retrieve game such as ducks. They’re bred and trained to have a soft mouths meaning they retrieve the animals without additional harm.