Curious giraffe

A giraffe with its head and neck sticking throug an open window. The image is painted in a colour palette consisting of yellow, pink, blue, purple, cream and white.
Media: Digital.

There’s a place in Kenya known as Giraffe Manor, where giraffes roam the area around the manor. The large windows of the manor’s dining room are often left open, meaning diners might have a surprise giraffe guest looking in and maybe begging for a little bit of food. This seemed like such a fun image to pain with this rather bright colour palette, which is part of a series of images animals with bold prints.

This image is part of a series of three images painted using this rather bright and fun colour palette, which I created for my limited colour palette art challenge, Huely. I simply wanted to see what I could do with such a bright and colourful colour palette, and my choice landed on animals with recognisable prints, which also includes a bathing tiger and a cheetah.

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