Digital painting of the late and great Gizmo.
Media: Digital.

A very dear friend of mine owned Gizmo, or Gizzy to his good friends. My friend would bring him to work, where he’d be one of the most chilled dogs ever. He’d just lie around in his bed and sleep, and he would never be annoyed if anyone came over and fuzzed him. There were so many times where I’d take a much needed break from my work to provide this lovely pupper pets and cuddles.

Sadly, earlier this year Gizmo passed away after a short period of illness. As I had not drawn him earlier I just knew I had to draw him now, even if it’s in his memory. Prior to publishing the drawing on social media I did run it by my friend, and him and his wife both liked it. My love and thoughts go out to my friend and his family, and this lovely creature will never be forgotten.

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