A digital portrait of Kansas the calico cat, which has fur which is a mix of orange, black and white, all mashed together. Her face is mostly black, but with spots of orange with darker orange stripes (like a tabby), and her throat is white. Kansas is painted showing just her head and parts of her neck, and she is posed as though she looks over her shoulder and making eye contact with the viewer. Her name, Kansas, is written underneath the portrait.
Media: Digital.

I was commissioned to paint this lovely little tortoiseshell/calico who sadly passed earlier this year. The portrait was to be a gift to Kansas’ dad, from Kansas’ mum, obviously to commemorate a cat which has followed their family for many, many years. The image was printed and framed, which was shared by the family on twitter.

It’s the first time I’ve had the pleasure of painting a calico cat, and I am absolutely amazed by the colour variations of Kansas’ fur. I’m also loving the colours of her eyes, which are a cool yellow, sometimes leaning a bit green, with warmer orange spots.

If you are in the market for a pet portrait like this, please feel free to contact me!