Leopard moth

A leopard with moth wings, which kind of makes it a leopard moth, now? The creature is painted in tones of yellow against a minimal background of green foliage, but mostly white.
Media: Digital.

Of course I decided to revisit the leopard moth as well as I had already done so with the tiger bee. The premise is the same: I wanted to take the name “Leopard moth” literally, and yes, a leopard moth is a real moth! Again my focus was to make the body a bit more rotund with a slightly more muted colour palette. As you can tell by looking at the tiger bee itself, I am making sure to keep the background similar for all the images in this new series, just to tie them a bit more together.

There is another version of this image which has a fuller background, that version has been made into a print. And this versions with the white background has been made available for t-shirts and stickers.

This is part of a mini series of animal mash-up which also consists of the tiger bee and the flying fox.

A leopard with moth wings, painted on a dark background with a frame of yellowing foliage.

2018 version

Media: Digital.

The first version of this creature was created back in 2018, which was spurred on by the original the initial tiger bee, wanting to do more of a play on words than try to make a new creature.

It is also available as a print, should you prefer this older version to the new one.