Relaxing leopard

I’ve always been fascinated by big cats, and I’ve been lucky enough to go to zoos and see some of them, though, I have admit I often wish they had bigger enclosures. The leopard in the drawings below are based on a photo I’ve taken of a leopard at Edinburgh Zoo, some years ago.

A leopard relaxing on a branch.
Media: Digital.

I decided to revisit the leopard I drew with ink a year earlier (see below), though decided to make it into a colour study.

A leopard relaxing on a branch.
Media: Ink.

Leopards are masters of disguise, though that is the case with a lot of predators: they’ve adapted to blend in with their environments. This is the main reason why it this big cat has no visible outlines in the drawing, and any outline you can see is based on its surroundings. Using just black and white was also a conscious decision to capture how tricky it can be to see them.