Luna and Maro

A pet portrait of Luna, the American shorthair. Her fur is a warm grey colour with dark grey tabby-like markings, and big orange eyes, pink ears and a brown nose. The image was painted digitally using only eleven colours, including white.


Media: Digital.

Luna is an American shorthair who lives in Korea, but was originally born in Japan. She shares an Instagram account with her brother Maro, which is run by their cat mum Sharla. After having finished the image Sharla commented that the image looks just like Luna, which makes me so incredibly happy, as it’s always a pet’s owner or family who are best at telling if something is off with a portrait.

I chose to go for a very purple colour palette with Luna, as it helps bring out the orange in her eyes. Picking colour palettes based on photos can be rather tricky, as the lighting of the individual images can totally change the colours. This is why some of the images of Luna on Instagram her eye colour change from image to image, in some they’re quite orange, in others they are yellow or even light green.

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A pet portrait of Maro, the Scottish fold. His long fur is cool grey fur with dark markings on his head, and light grey markings on his chest and throat. His eyes are big and yellowy-green and a very pink nose. The image was painted digitally using only nine colours, including white.


Media: Digital.

This lovely and fuzzy little guy is Maro, a Scottish fold, who like his sister Luna was born in Japan and currently lives in Korea. You can find tons of images of him and his sister on their Instagram account, which again is ran by their cat mum Sharla. I am happy to report that Sharla loved the portrait of Maro, saying it looked exactly like him, which was awesome to hear.

Maro is painted in cool toned colour palette, as the main reference image I used had a very cool light source, which made him seem a lot more blue than his sister. The colour the light also made his eyes seem very green, though in other images they are more yellow even bordering on orange.

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