Morty, the stocker

Morty’s father commissioned me to draw his gorgeous dog (Morty of course), and gave me free reign of creating this image, though he did specify the style: which was a stylised style instead of hyper-realistic.

In order to get inspiration I was given a link to Morty’s Instagram page, where I was able to look at plenty images and videos, which were also used for reference. After seeing an image of Morty chasing some soap bubbles around the yard I instantly knew I wanted to incorporate this element. After a few sketches which I sent off to Morty’s dad, he asked me to go ahead with one of the sketches, which ended up in the image below.

And if you’re wondering if my customers are happy with my portraits, then you should know I was hired to paint Morty again a few years later.

If you are in the market for a portrait, or maybe another project which you need help from an artist/illustrator, get in touch!

Media: Digital.
Digital painting of Morty the stocker (Staffordshire bull terrier and Cocker spaniel mix) who is watching soap bubbles float around his head.
A cropped version of the image of Morty.
Media: Digital.

A slightly cropped version just to show off the image a little bit better. The original image is quite large, so the first image might appear too small.

It was a whole lot of fun working on this commission, and it was awesome given so many images for inspiration and reference.

I’ve really been enjoying the different dogs I have been drawing recently. So if you have a dog, other pet or another project which you need help from an artist/illustrator, feel free to drop me a line.