Morty, the stocker

Seven paintings of Morty in different poses, including standing, sitting and a few up close portraits as well.
Media: Digital.

Usually when I do pet portrait commissions the finished image usually only features the same pet once. But after seeing a collection of my sketches that I uploaded to social media, Morty’s dad contacted me because he wanted a similar image of this adorable Staffordshire bull terrier and Cocker spaniel mix. It’s also not the first time I’ve painted Morty either, as I was commissioned to paint him back in 2019.

The brief for this commission was a sheet filled with portraits of Morty in different poses. This meant that I was supplied a lot of different reference images of Morty. The first phase was of course a sketch phase, where I provided my commissioner with a lot of different poses and sketches. Morty’s dad then gave me some input, which led me to work on a more finished version. With so many images it was also important to get the composition of them right, which I think was solved really well. The most important thing at the end of a commission is that the person who hired me to do it is happy, and I am glad to report that Morty’s dad who is really pleased with the image.

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