Cute Naomi

A very cute rendition of Naomi the black cat. The style is quite cartoony, with fatter and shorter giving a stumpy appearance, with rather big eyes.
Media: Digital.

This image was painted at the same time as my cute Oliver, actually painted in the same file, because I wanted to make sure the cats I created in this style would be as consistent as possible.

I created these rather stylised paintings after I decided to try to push my animal portraits a bit further, and simplify them and maybe use a more limited colour palette than I had in the past. The initial paintings I made kept the proportions of the cat (see below), which worked to some extent, but I wasn’t all that happy with them. From there I decided to push it a bit further by leaning more into a cartoony kind of style, with more stumpy legs. I’m quite happy with this result, even if it is a bit further away from my usual animal portrait style. I have also previously painted Naomi in my usual pet portrait style, should you want to see that as well.

If you are interested in a pet portrait, in this style, or my usual one, please get in touch by sending me an email!

Painting of Naomi the black cat in my usual style. Naomi is sitting tall with her tail curled around her, just enough colour is added show the texture of her long fur, and show where her nose is. The image is painted digitally using only six colours including white.
Media: Digital.

I hadn’t really painted that many full body images of Naomi, so this was one of the first attempts. Painting black cats can be really tricky, as as they tend to be rather dark, and therefore appear as black voids with eyes, but I think I managed to get enough details to show how fluffy, yet small she is.

A simplified painting of Naomi the black cat painted using only four colours including white. Naomi is sitting tall, staring towards the top of the image, eyes wide and yellow. She appears a bit like a silhouette with only her eyes, nose and a little smile which define her internal features.
Media: Digital.

A later attempt at simplifying the painting of Naomi. Fewer colours are used, and is verging on a slight cartoony style. Though she’s not as fluffy as I would like, and could easily be confused with a short haired cat. After the fact I also realised that I should have painted the nose a separate colour rather than the top of it.