A digital portrait of Nemesis the calico cat. She lies upside down, with one ear hidden by her head, and a paw lies underneath her chin. She has black markings on her head, and covering her eyes, with orange tabby markings on her nose in spots on her muzzle and her paw. The image was painted digitally using only ten colours, including white.
Media: Digital.

This adorable and playful cat is called Nemesis, who lives in France with her mum and a lot of other animal siblings. After having painted Kansas I was lucky enough to get to paint another calico cat. Nemesis have a more distinct markings, and the reference image is absolutely adorable. It was also a lot of fun to be able to change up the pose, to show that pet portraits can feature some fun poses and reference images, as cute poses like this can help catch the pet’s personality.

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