Cute Oliver

A very cute rendition of Oliver the orange tabby, who has white markings on his paws, muzzle and neck. The style is quite cartoony, with fatter and shorter giving a stumpy appearance, with rather big eyes.
Media: Digital.

I feel like I’ve managed to figure out my style for animals and portraits over the past year. Though after a little bit I wondered how much simplified I could go. The result of that exploration of doing that to Oliver actually started with this full body portrait, which and I did a few more images, where I slowly stripped away the amount of colours and details I added in the image. Those first attempts at simplifying didn’t really do much to the proportions, but as I wasn’t entirely happy with them. Therefore I chose to keep
pushing further, which landed me at this rather cute and cartoony style instead. I’m quite happy with this result, even if it is a bit further away from my usual animal portrait style. I’ve also painted Naomi the black cat in this style.

If you are interested in a pet portrait, in this style, or my usual one, please get in touch by sending me an email!