A digital painting cute and happy peakcock spider.
Media: Digital.

It’s well known that most people cannot stand spiders, personally I am not a big fan either, though I am mostly ok with seeing photos of them. So after getting my ‘spider’ as my prompt I decided to go on a search for a cute spider to draw, because there are already enough terrifying spiders out there. That is when I discovered peacock spiders, which are tiny spiders, usually their full body length is 4-5mm(!), but they’re often quite colourful and appear a bit fluffy. When posting this on Instagram I got a lot of comments saying that people who weren’t fond of spiders found this one rather cute, which I call a win!

This image was drawn as part of an experiment where I asked my followers on Instagram and supporters on Patreon to suggest animals for me to draw. This animal was chosen entirely by chance, as I drew a random suggestion from a cup.