Penny and Boo

Portrait of Boo the black and white pointer drawn in ink. Boo is facing the viewer, with her head slightly tilted.

Boo Portrait

Media: Ink.

Boo is a lovely black and white pincher. Her owner approached me to do a portrait of her, resulting in this image. I really loved painting this image, as ink painting, as it was the first time in a long time I painted a black dog. Obviously an entirely black dog could very easily look like a black blob, so it was important to leave as much of the paper white. I also painted a portrait of her sister Penny.

Ink portrait of Penny the tan and white pointer. Penny is painted in profile view, and is looking towards the right.

Penny portrait

Media: Ink.

I was commissioned by Penny and Boo’s dog mum to paint portraits of both of the dogs. After painting Boo I was tasked with doing a portrait of Penny as well. One of the big challenges with this image was getting that red tan colour right, which can be tricky if you don’t have the right colours to mix. I have to admit that the two portraits have totally different styles, though I hope they still work well together.

Penny, the tan and white pointer, scouting out to sea.

Penny at the beach

Media: Digital.

Penny the pointer takes walks at the seaside and she seems to absolutely love it. She’s usually found running around with her sister Boo. This is another value painting, but I was also playing around with a lot of different brushes. I have to say I love the style of Penny in this image.

The reference image by her owner.

Boo, the black and white, pointer enjoying her day out by the sea side. She is standing on the beach, facing the ocean.

Boo at the beach

Media: Digital.

A black and white pointer named Boo, is usually found running around with her sister Penny spending some time at the seaside. I was actually working with a limited colour palette for this image, and my focus was on the colour values of the image, not the shapes. I am still quite pleased how this turned out, though I realise it is quite sketchy compared to my newer work.

The reference image was taken by her owner.