Our Hero: the puppy

A happy puppy wagging its tail, painted in pink and blues.
Media: Digital.

During June 2018 I decided to join a challenge on social media called Journey June. The challenge was to create a story of a hero, while following their prompts. My story’s hero was the pictured puppy, and the journey revolved around its first walk.

A puppy trying really hard to catch its own tail.
Media: Digital.

I wanted to capture the joy of a dog chasing its own tail, because they honestly look like they have the most fun when doing things like that. This may also have been an excuse to draw this really cute little character again.

A puppy plunging its head into its food bowl, trying to hoover up all the food as soon as possible.
Media: Digital.

It’s not uncommon for puppies to be really hungry, especially as they use so much of their energy to be so god damned cute. I decided to play around with style a little here, which works, but I think in hindsight I prefer the style of the other two more.