Purin, Kuro, Koimo and Nyanko

A pet portrait of Purin, the scottish fold. She is looking at the viewer with big dilated eyes, and her ears are folded slightly. Her face is multi coloured with areas of light grey and orange, both with tabby markings, and a white neck/chest. The image was painted digitally using only eight colours, including white.


Media: Digital.

I wanted to paint some more cats, mostly because they’re so cute and cuddly. For a few years I’ve been following this YouTuber based in Japan, and a few times this absolutely adorable kitten has been featured on her channel, so when I was looking for a cat to draw it wasn’t a tough choice.

Purin, which means “Pudding”, is a Scottish fold, and was adopted by her cat dad in early 2020. You can see more of what Purin, her siblings, and her dad, gets up to on their Instagram account.

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A portrait of Kuro, the white Norwegian Forest cat, with beautiful yellow and green eyes. The image only only eight colours, including white, and was painted digitally.


Media: Digital.

This white, gorgeous and fluffy Norwegian Forest cat is Kuro, which actually means “Black” in Japanese. I really wanted to challenge myself to paint a white cat on a white background. Of course the challenge was both to make sure that Kuro looks like Kuro, but also make sure that the white looks white, without using full outlines, but a very light shadows.

A pet portrait Koimo, the Munchkin cat, who is a cream colour with slight tabby like yellow markings. He is looking towards the viewer with bluish-green eyes. This image was painted using only ten colours, including white.


Media: Digital.

After having painted Kuro I wanted to have another go at painting a cat with light fur. Lucky for me Koimo has very light fur as well, though with some very light tabby stripes, which definitively kept me on my toes.

Again I am available for pet portrait commissions.

The digital portrait of Nyanko the orange tabby with a white muzzle. The image was painted using only nine colours, including white.


Media: Digital.

And the final image is of Nyanko, who I believe might be the oldest of the group. As I had already painted his other three siblings I felt it was only right ot paint him as well.

LIke with the others the reference image was taken from the Instagram account ran by their cat dad.