Savanna animals

I set myself a challenge to paint several images with a limited colour palette, and some of them. These three were painted with the exact same colour palette, but also with a similar theme.

A digital painting a group of zebras, some feeding and some on the look out. In the background a leopard is lurking around, possibly stalking its next meal.
Media: Digital.

The zebra is possibly one of the most iconic animals on the savanna, not ony because of the high contrasts found in their black and white stripes, but also because that make them stand out so well against the background.

Speaking of background, can you see the animal hidden in the painting?

A leopard giving chase to a zebra.
Media: Digital.

Ok, so leopards might not often attempt to take down grown zebras, they will go after sick and injured zebras, and I suppose they would also go after the foals as well. The question is though, will the hunter catch the pray or not?

Did you spot the leopard in the previous image? If you didn’t, have a closer look!

The zebra has been caught and killed by the leopard which has dragged it up a tree. A bit further away a Marabou Stork is watching, and hoping the leftovers may be its next meal.
Media: Digital.

Seems we have our answer. Another thing which make the leopard an interesting hunter is that it tends to drag their prey into a tree and often eat it there. And of course a scavenger in the form of a Marabou Stork is looking on in hopes to get its dinner after the leopard has had its fill.