Six animals

During April 2020 there was a theme going around social media which was “Six fan arts”, where artists would ask their followers for characters for them to draw. I wanted to do something different and asked my followers on Instagram and Patreon to suggest animals. These are some of the animals they suggested for me to draw.

A happy little tree frog.
Media: Digital.

Ok, so the animal I was given was ‘frog’, so I figured it was my choice of what frog to draw, and I landed on a tree frog, because I think they’re really cute.

A European Goldfinch has such a colourful plumage.
Media: Digital.

I had heard of the European Goldfinch, but never seen a photo of it until I picked this prompt. I was entirely surprised by how colourful they are. Now i only hope to be able to see one day.

A baby sea turtle trying to make its way out to sea.
Media: Digital.

The prompt given to me was ‘turtle’, and as I like sea turtles the choice was rather simple. I’ve painted sea turtles <a href=”/illustrations/plastic-in-our-oceans/”several times</a> in the past, so my choice might not really surprise anyone. However, I have not painted one on land yet, which was a little bit more of a challenge than I thought.

A pleased raven sitting on top of a telephone pole.
Media: Digital.

I’ve always viewed ravens as quite majestic, not entirely certain why. The challenge here was to actually paint a black bird without making it a black blob, which is why I landed on a more cool grey colour, which I think work very well with the warm background.

A colourful snake in the form of a scarlet kingsnake, which has ribbons of black, red and cream.
Media: Digital.

One of my followers suggested ‘snake’, so I decided to pick a colourful snake, as I usually consider snakes to be mostly green or brown, in order to merge with their environment. The snake of choice fell on a scarlet kingsnake.

A happy kingfisher.
Media: Digital.

The kingfisher is another bird I really wish I had seen. While their small size means that they’re tricky to see, their gorgeous plumage might make them harder to miss.