Wolf cub

A digital painting of a cute little wolf which is standing and staring into the distance. The cub is painted using a limited colour palette of six colours, mostly warm greys, but also white and orange.
Media: Digital.

At the start of 2021 I painted a lot of pet portraits, but felt like a slightly different challenge: To try to paint a few animals and try to make them as cute as I possibly could, but also to try to simplify the paintings a bit and see where it would take me. The first animal I tried this with was this adorable little wolf cub, which, yes, was possibly an easy place to start as most puppies and wolf cubs are naturally cute. I have to admit that this little wolf cub could easily look like a puppy, but I don’t mind, they are rather cute too!

If you’re interested in a portrait of your pet, be it in this style or my other portrait style, please get in touch.