My corporate identity

Of course I have had a rather big hand in designing my own corporate identity. The design wasn’t limited to just my website, but also extends into written documents.

A mix of corporate identity of my own business; Birgitte M. R. Johnsen Illustration & Design. The designs include a letter head, a part hidden invoice design, business cards, and two screen shots showing this very site in two different view ports as presented on an iPad and an iPhone.
The design of the written communication for my company Birgitte M. R. Johnsen Illustration & Design. The designs include a quote documents, contracts, letter heads and invoice design, but also designs for business cards.

While it isn’t apparent through my site, there is always a lot of paper work and such connected to running a business. I’ve decided to use the same typography on my site and these written documents. Though, as what I do is so visual, I decided to pull in my illustrations into these designs as well. These documents include my invoices, contracts, letters and quote documents.

It’s my hope that adding these image headers set my invoices and letters apart from other freelancers, as they work as reminders of what kind of work I do, though I also hope it puts a smile on people’s faces. The way I have created the document headers is so that I can replace the images, be it to have images more applicable to the job, or just show off my best work. This header is also something I’ve also been using as headers on my social media accounts.

Digital design use on my own website presented for two different view ports; an iPad and an iPhone.

I was debating about whether or not it was necessary to show off the design for my site as well, as at the time of writing you’re actually viewing my site. Of course, what images are in my galleries will vary a bit as it’s a living document, and I try to keep my portfolio up to date. Unfortunately that means these images might be out of date.

The focus of the site is ,without a doubt, the images, which shouldn’t be a surprise as the site is my online portfolio. Therefore, all the landing pages act like galleries, where the thumbnails link to different image/project posts. I also use these gallery pages also help show the work I am most proud of, sometimes ordered into different topics that I work within.

It was also important for me to make sure that these pages would be usable both on desktops and on mobile devices, so the site has been made responsive. Additionally, I wanted to make sure that my site is accessible, so any icons have descriptive text for screen readers, and likewise with image descriptions and such.