Social media - gaming icon

An icon showing the earth on a starry background with banner of red, blue, green and grey shooting around it. Above it all is a white and black gaming controller.
Media: Vector illustration.

I was approached by a someone who wanted a profile icon for their gaming related social media accounts. The brief was to create an icon featuring a non-console specific controller, a globe and a band of four colours. These four colours were to symbolise the different gaming platforms: Red for Nintendo; Blue for PlayStation; Green for XBox; and Grey for Steam. The commissioner wanted the icon to have clean lines, similar to someone else’s style, but was very open to let me make the style my own rather than copying. In order to get these clean lines and shapes I decided to create the finished image in vector.

Commission process

I figured it would be fun to show some of the process behind this image as well. Because there’s a lot that goes on between getting the brief and the final image.

A grid of nine different sketches of the logo.

Initial sketches

Media: Digital.

I had plenty of ideas for the icon. These sketches were made in Procreate, and were done a bit quickly in order to get my ideas down. I really enjoyed playing with the colour banner, as there were so many possibilities. These sketches were sent to my commissioner who chose elements from two of the sketches.

Four variations of the same icon with minor differences in shapes, outlines and so on.

Illustration variations

Media: Vector illustration.

For the second stage of the commission where I was working on creating the illustration based on the previous feedback. There were still several of things to get right, so I made a few variations of the design, which I sent to the commissioner, as I wanted him to let me know which elements he preferred.

Four variations of the same icon, this time with different colours and outlines.

Background variations

Media: Vector illustration.

For the final round of feedback the commissioner wanted more stars in the background, but didn’t quite specify the colours, which is how I ended up with these colour variation of the stars. And with this final feedback I was able to complete the illustration.