Aloy and Watcher posters

An informational poster for Horizon Zero Dawn showing a bit of info about one of the machines; The Watcher. The poster features the Horizon Zero Dawn logo and the following copy 'Watcher. Often found close to herds of terraforming machines, Watchers patrol a path around the herd, often stopping to scan the area. Upon detection and identification of a threat Watchers immediately and aggressively attack, and sounds a loud alert call which summons any nearby dangerous machines, quickly escalating a battle. Slealth is key to avoid these encounters.'.
Media: Digital illustration and layout.

It comes as no surprise that I’m a big fan of the Horizon series of games, as I’ve made several images and even posters dedicated to the game.

The original image for this poster was made for Project Gaia, a fan book project that was backed Kickstarter. I always felt the image could be something more, so I played around with different ideas for posters.

Some experimentation with layouts let me first to the poster below. But I wanted to move a bit further, as I thought this was a great image to use as an info poster about Watchers, one of the machines found in the game. It’s actually the first machine you meet in Horizon Zero Dawn. Watchers act as lookouts for the terraforming machines, often moving in predictable patterns, often stopping to scan an area. If they do detect and identify a threat they will not hesitate to attack, but also call for backup, be it of other watchers or other dangerous machines. While I always find it best to use stealth around them, I quite like them, and I wish it was possible to make them into mounths like you can with many of the other machines in the game.

A poster showing Aloy hiding in the long grass and looking up at a machine. At the bottom in the shadows we find the Horizon Zero Dawn logo.


Media: Digital illustration and layout.

Of course I also made a standard poster from this image as well. For those with keen eyes its clear that the image is cropped slightly differently, as I needed to make more room for the logo. Both of the posters are staying quite true to the original image, but they’re slightly bigger, allowing me to add a litte bit more space at the top and bottom of the image.