Portrait of Aloy looking to the right. The image is painted digitally in a watercolour style. The image is painted using only seven colours.
Media: Digital.

I have been experimenting a bit with my style, and wanted to see if I could bring some of my water colour style into a digital setting. Aloy seemed like a perfect character to try this out on. For those of you with keen eyes might spot that I am using the same reference as used is the same as the one I’ve used in two previous Aloy portraits. I feel like this image is a great combination of the two other images, as it has the subtlety of the watercolour painting, but more bold colours like the digital painting. Of course I am also trying to blend this with my current digital portrait style, or something similar to what I usually do.

A little fun fact about this image is that it also uses a limited colour palette, with seven colours including white. As the brushes I use are a bit transparent it might look like more, as the colour builds, but also blends a bit with the other colours. I’m quite pleased with how it turned out, and I have to admit I am loving this colour palette!