Horizon Zero Dawn poster

Aloy watching the sunset as a tallneck approaches.
Media: Digital illustration and layout.

After having created the Journey poster I wanted to revisit a previous Horizon Zero Dawn image to see how it would work as a poster.

The colours have also been revisited, to reflect the richness of the colours in found in the game a bit more, yet remain a limited colour palette. The revisit has also allowed me to create more details, as the image are generally bigger.

Personally, I prefer this image, not only due to the colour palette, but I feel it captures the game a bit better in general. While it’s the third time I revisit this image, I’m quite pleased with the end result, and I’d like to note that there is nothing wrong with revisiting an older image. Sometimes a little bit of distance helps you spot issues you didn’t see before, or simply let you rethink the theme.