The three page article about business woman and entrepreneur Aurora James.
The portrait of Aurora James, painted in Procreate.
Media: Digital.

A more detailed view of the portrait. I used multiple reference images for this portrait, and some of the colours are also mirrored in the spot illustrations (see below). The background colours are all based on the colours from Courier’s design manual, which are therefore often used in the magazine.

Recently Courier was acquired by Mailchimp, who have published the article on their site.

Two spot illustrations in she shape of two clogs and a shopping bag with a tag that reads
Media: Digital.

The spot illustrations are meant ot go well with the text in the article, but contain things which signify things that Aurora James has worked towards. The clogs represent her business, Brother Vellies, which sells luxury fashion items, many of which are made in Africa. The bag signify her 15 percent pledge initiative, which aims at getting as many shops to pledge 15% of their shelves to Black-owned businesses, as 15% of the US population is Black.