Four tea boxes, depicted from the front.

The front of the tea packages do not have an actual illustration, instead they have a cut-out image, which puts the tea leaves on display, ensuring customers can see the difference in tea leaves. Each of the cut-outs are inspired by the illustrations found on the back of the boxes.

Four tea boxes depicted from the back.

The back of the tea boxes contain illustrations in the colour of each of the tea types. The colours found on the sides of the packaging has been taken from their respective illustrations.

The logo of the tea boxes as well as each of the illustrations found on the back of the boxes; coi fish, bamboo, china cups and teapot and a panda.
Media: Watercolours.

A closer look at the logo and the illustrations: ‘Cha’, means ‘tea’ in Chinese, and the Chinese character depicted as part of the logo reads ‘tea’ as well. While the illustrations have been inspired by sumi-e paintings, they’ve been created with watercolours, in order to utilise each of the tea colours.