Chocolate packaging

A series of images I created as part of my limited colour palette challenge of July 2020. While most of my other images were based around wanting to tell a story, illustrate a topic, ornamental imagery or portraits, I wanted to try something a little different: creating patterns and use it within packaging. The basis for the packaging design was around flowers.

Media: Digital illustration created in Procreated, pattern and mockup created in Photoshop..
Mock up of the packaging of a dark chocolate bar, featuring images of spider lilies as well as a pattern with spider lilies.
Media: Digital.

Spider lilies are such beautiful flowers, though, as I came to figure out, are slightly tricky to draw, and even trickier to create into a pattern. That said, I am quite happy with how this pattern turned out, though it does look a little bit more geometric than I originally intended.

Mock up of packaging for a white chocolate bar, featuring a lotus flower as well as a pattern with lotus flowers.
Media: Digital.

I had very much an idea of how i wanted the pattern to look with Lotuses, mostly because it works really well in this profile view. Of course the colours I used aren’t necessarily true to the actual flowers, but I think they work quite well with the flowers.

Mock up of packaging for a milk chocolate bar, featuring clematis flowers, both as a flower and pattern.
Media: Digital.

Clematis flowers are beautiful, but also come in many varieties, and even with different amount of petals. This was my first attempt at making a pattern, and I have to admit it might feel a bit geometric and predictable, but some of that is also the angle of which I drew the flowers.