Creative journey

This series of illustrations attempts to show what a creative journey might look like, as if it was an actual journey through different scenery. Though, I suppose it could also be a life journey.

I wanted the character in this series to appear human, and found the red cape to give them a bit of anonymity, but it also made sure that they stood out against the backgrounds. Of course, I can see similarities between this series and the game Journey, especially as I’ve created fan art for the game in the past. However, the game wasn’t on my mind while creating the series.

There are two images that helped inspire this series; Torii gate and Lift off. These both have a similar grand landscape theme, but are lacking the caped character.

These illustrations were created during my limited colour palette challenge, Huely, where the aim is to create illustrations or designs using a maximum of five colours, with the addition of black and white. To create more colour variations the colours can be blended through smudging, transparencies and blending modes. The name of the challenge comes from “hue” another word for colour, and “July”, the month it takes place. Meaning Huely is pronounced “hue lye”, as the words are simply mashed together.

Media: Digital illustration.
A person with a red big cape is fighting their way through a windy wintery landscape.

Through the storm

At times it can feel impossible to move forward, as though we’re stuck in a storm, with strong winds keeping us in place. However, these difficult times won’t last forever, and you’re not alone, and you will get through this. The storm will pass

The character with the big red cape stands on the side of a mountain, looking out over a mountainous landscape, with a large sun rising sun.

How far you've come

While working towards our goals we often lose sight of what we’ve accomplished along the way. Often we’re so focused on what’s happening here and now, and the challenge at hand. But when we stop and look around, we’ll see how many things we’ve overcome since we started. This also gives hope, as things might get hard, but you’ve conquered difficult challenges before, and you can and will do it again.

Two climbers with red capes are scaling a tall mountain. One climber is helping the other up a steep cliff. In the background we see some more distant mountains, and the sun hanging low in a yellow sky.

Helping hand

It can often be easier to help others than it is to ask for help, but doing both is quite important. No one says that you have to go through your journey on your own, that there’s some kind of competition, or that helping others means you’ll lose out somehow. Allowing yourself to be inspired by others can create new ideas and paths you never would have thought of on your own. Sharing your own journey and experiences can help others learn in similar ways.

The caped person is jumping from one cliff to an other, taking a great risk. In the background we see blueish mountains, and a big setting sun with a yellow sky.

Leap of faith

Throughout our journeys we’re likely to have to do several leaps of faith, as the path we’re on no longer serves us, or we’ll need to take a chance on something that can bring us closer to our goals. It might seem, and feel like, we’ll have no idea what we’re doing, but in fact, we’re relying on previous experiences and skills we’ve built, which will help us stick the landing. The leap will still be scary, but you’ve got this!

A character with a red cape walks through a desert landscape, though behind them there's a trail of grass and flowers.

What you leave behind

It can seem as though we’re moving through barren landscapes as we’re forging ahead, finding and taking new chances. Though, the landscape doesn’t stay undisturbed, the ground you touched is filled with your creations. Meaning, you can look back you’ll see all the things you’ve done, but you’re also creating a path for others to see what is possible.

A character with a red cape holds a torch and make their way through the darkness. The image is mostly dark, with the main light source being the torch, though there are some stars shining in the sky.

Light your own way

Believing in yourself is hard, but it’s such an important skill to have. While it feels good when others cheer us on, we still need to dig deep and make sure that we’re doing what’s right for us, not what others think we should do. We’re so used to being our worst critic, to push ourselves to do better, but we also need to be our own cheerleaders, and encourage ourselves to keep going, even when things are tough.

The character with a red cape stands on a shore and looks towards a torii gate standing atop a distant mountain. The moon sits low in the sky, framing the character and the torii gate, and the stars shine in the dark sky.

Eyes on the prize

This is where the Torii gate ties into the story: It appears as a goal. Sometimes we can see it up ahead, though other times it’s disguised by things we’ll need to do. Knowing what we want, is often more important than knowing how to get there, as life has a way of leading us down unexpected paths, but we will get there eventually. Remember: You are free to change goals if the one you have doesn’t serve you anymore.