Double exposure poster for the band Fall Out Boy featuring a portrait of each of the band members with a full body live image inside their respective portraits.

The ordering of the images isn’t at random either. When the band play on stage they usually have Joe on the left hand side, Patrick and Andy in the middle, and Pete on the right hand side.

I used multiple reference images for the silhouettes/portraits. However I was using specific references for the images from the live shots. Most of the images from the live shows were captured by photographer Elliott Ingham, most of which were posted to Fall Out Boy’s Instagram account.

Double exposure portrait of Joe Trohman, detail from the poster above.

A more detail looked at the double exposure image of Joe Trohman. I had to make sure I added Joe’s neck tattoo in the portrait, though it is partially obscured by the live version.

Double exposure portrait of Patrick Stump, detail from the poster above.

A detailed view at the double exposure image of Patrick Stump. Of course this image features his signature guitar. I feel this image is a good representation of some of the energy of a live show.

Double exposure portrait of Andy Hurley, detail from the poster above.

A more detailed view of Andy Hurley. I did draw his neck tattoo, but sadly it is entirely obscured by the live version of him. I’ve also tried to stay true to his drum gear, and using multiple references for that.

Double exposure portrait of Pete Wentz, detail from the poster above.

Finally the detailed view of Pete Wentz. This might the one live image which clearly shows the age of the reference images for the live images, as he is clearly wearing a jacket featuring the cover of Mania, their album which was released in 2018.