Hang in there

A koala clinging to a tree, with the text 'Hang in there' next to it. The image is painted in hues of blue and yellow.
Media: Digital.

2020 and large parts of 2021 has been tough on everyone, and this koala just wants to remind everyone to “Hang in there”. Of course the term is used so often that it might start to lose a little bit of meaning to some, as just hanging in there seems like such a passive thing to do, but it really isn’t. Hanging in there takes a lot of strength, as you’re trying to do whatever is possible to stay where you are, and it can be absolutely exhausting. It not just an act of strength, but also one of faith, one of that things will get better, be it through circumstances changing, getting help from someone, or being able to move forwards or upwards at our own accord.

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