Horizon Zero Dawn posters

I created a few different posters for Horizon Zero Dawn, one of my favourite video games. They’ve slowly evolved, and changed colours based on my thoughts on the game. I ended up with a variation of the same poster which could be used for both the original game, and tie in with the game’s DLC (downloadable content), which was released about 9 months later.

Media: Digital illustration and layout.
A poster showing a winter scene where Aloy is watching the sunset as a tallneck approaches. Horizon Zero Dawn's logo is printed at the top, and and the logo for the DLC is added to the bottom right.
Media: Digital.

This is the most recent version of my poster, which really fit the theme of the Horizon Zero Dawn DLC: The Frozen Wilds. I felt like switching things up a little bit, by making the colours a little bit closer to what you’d see in nature. That said, I chose the colours based on the logo for The Frozen Wilds. I also added some textures to this image, which I think helped with the wintery feel of the image.

Aloy watching the sunset as a tallneck approaches.
Media: Digital.

One of the reasons I love Horizon Zero Dawn is the way the colours changes throughout the in-game day, which produces some wonderful colour combinations. This version was an attempt to reflect the richness of the colours you’d find in the game, but still having a limited colour palette.

Another take on the poster, but with more of an ice feel, and less warm hues.
Media: Digital.

This image is sort of in-between the other two images, walking the line between the original game and the DLC. It’s painted using a limited colour palette, like the purple version, but using more colours more in tune with what we’d find in nature, like the DLC version.