Lift off

A spaceship is shooting out of the cloud cover, and ascends to the sky, with a big waning crescent moon behind it.
Media: Digital illustration.

The inspiration behind this image was in part the quote “Shoot for the moon, and even if you miss, you’ll land among the stars.” It also marks a new beginning, and maybe leaving your old self and your old life, behind, and go out there to do what you love doing.

This was another image created during Huely* 2023, and uses the same colour palette as the Torii gate image. What is more notable about this image is that it inspired the Creative journey series.

*Huely is my limited colour palette challenge, that takes place during the month of July. The aim is to create illustrations or designs using no more than five colours, plus black and white. In order to create colour variations the colours can be blended using smudge tools, transparencies and blending modes and so on. The name comes from “hue”, another word for colour, and “July”. As the two words are simply mashed together, and Huely is pronounced “hue lye”.