A park showing an empty field covered in litter, painted in a limited colour palette consisting of cream, yellow, red, green and teal.
Media: Digital.

This isn’t an unusual sight, after a large gathering in a park or a field there often a lot of trash littered around, which is really sad as people should be able to pick up after themselves. This was the scene in one of the parks local to me earlier this year, and all the litter had to be picked up by someone else. Sure, the people who ended up picking it all up were paid to do so, but it doesn’t mean people should just leave thing as they are. The biggest things with these kind of things are how litter gets carried away by winds, and ends up the waterways and the ocean, often affecting innocent animals.

Somehow we seem to be getting more and more immune to these kind of views, but that doesn’t mean we should sit by and let it keep happening. We can do much better, and it’s not even all that tricky! All we need to do is to dispose of our litter properly, and make sure it does’t get carried away by winds. We should recycle what we can whenever possible, but we should also try to reduce our waste by being more conscious of what we buy and the was associated with it.