Plastic in our oceans

A seascape showing plastic bottles, bags and torn plastic floating around the ocean, even trapping fish. The image is painted in a limited colour palette consisting of cream, yellow, red, green and teal.
Media: Digital.

Over the years I have painted several images images regarding littering and its impact on our world, many of which revolve around the ocean and sea creatures. While it is sad topic, it’s an important topic which sometimes get swept under the rug. Yes, there are better awareness campaigns by bigger companies, agencies and environmentalists, I think it’s as important add these things to art.

I was slightly building on my Biscayne National Park painting for this, but obviously with a different colour palette. It’s always been very interesting to me how we’re able to look past things like littering when we see it. Part of that might be be because we are used to seeing nature in photos, on TV and in films to be clean and tidy, so we assume the littering we see is an abnormal, when in fact what we see is what is normal. We as humans can do way better, we can make sure we dispose of our litter properly, pick up after ourselves.