Reminders - signs

This series of signs is actually based on reminders that I give in a Discord group every once in a while, because they’re things we forget to do. There’s also another two sets of reminders that I painted around the same time, though both with slightly different topics and styles.

These illustrations were created during Huely 2022, a limited colour palette challenge I hold during July, where the goal is to create illustrations using only five colours.

A triangular shaped warning sign, with a yellow floppy disk with a smile on its face. On the side of the sign the text 'Save your work' is written in white capital letters.
Media: Digital.

Most people can probably relate to stories of accidentally forgetting to save a file they’re working on, and something happens, either the program or machine crashes. Most of the time this results in a loss of whatever you’ve been working on, and that really, really sucks. So if you’ve been working on something, then please, PLEASE, make sure to save your work.

A rectangular shaped information sign, with a happy glass of water and ice standing in the middle. On the bottom of the sign the text 'Hail hydrate' is written in white capital letters.
Media: Digital.

Staying hydrated is often a bit issue for many. We’re meant to drink about 2 liters of water a day, but sometimes, it’s a lot harder than we think. So we need reminders, like this one!

I suppose the text of this one might needs a little bit of an explanation. I tend to watch several different streamers, some for games, and some for art. Many streamer let their viewers give them hydration reminders, and one of them, often says “Hail Hydrate” when she gets a hydrate reminder, which is a play on “Hail Hydra” from the Marvel Universe. That term has just stuck with me, and is usually what I say to give others a hydrate reminder.

A triangular shaped warning sign, with three smiling devices, including a phone, a tablet and a laptop. On the side of the sign the text 'Back up your stuff' is written in white capital letters.
Media: Digital.

The final reminder is one that I think some people needs. Of course, these days a lot of backups are done automatically, and to the cloud. But sometimes it can be good to double check that these backups are happening, or even make some additional ones, just in case. This doesn’t just go for your phone or your tablet, but also for your laptops. If it’s been a while since you’ve backed things up, make sure to do that.