There are several reminders I give in a few Discord and chat groups I’m in, and recently I’ve found it to be a lot of fun to illustrate them. It actually started with a set of signs, but expanded to these reminders, as well as a reminder to enjoy the little things, which both were created in slightly different styles.

All three illustrations were painted during Huely 2022, a limited colour palette challenge I hold during July. The aim of the challenge is to create illustrations using only five colours, plus black and white if needed.

A cat leaning in and hugging your screen. The text 'You are loved!' is written in the bottom left, and hearts painted in different colours surround the cat.
Media: Digital.

This might probably be the most important reminder of all, at least that’s what I think. Sometimes we get so stuck in our own heads, and let our inner critic get the best of us, to the point where it can tear us down and make us doubt everything we know to be true. While I am certain a lot of us have friends and loved ones who tell us that they care and love us, sometimes it’s more implied than expressed. So even if it’s not said to you in those words, you are indeed loved. Though maybe we can also use this little reminder to tell our loved ones that we love and care for them once in a while; we don’t know who might really need to hear it.

A cat stretching, with the text 'Stretch!!' written in the top left corner.
Media: Digital.

While working we often sit in the same position for a long time. This is especially true in offices, where it sometimes seems like you are meant to sit still for hours on end, and just do your work. But it is very important to remember to get up, move your body, and stretch at several points during the work day. While we can sit still for a long time, it doesn’t mean that we should. Taking breaks from your work, even just a little one, can really help with productivity as well, and not hinder it.

A happy shrimp all curled up with the words 'Posture check!' and 'No shrimpin'' next to it.
Media: Digital.

For those watching different Twitch streams, might know that many streamers allow their audience to remind them to hydrate, but there are also several of them that allow the audience to give them posture check reminders. Which is a prompt to make sure that they’re not sitting hunched over. Some of the streamers I watch have this reminder, and some of them also include the term “No shrimping!”, which so perfectly illustrates the hunched position we often find ourselves in while working at desks.