Self care

A series of images I created as part of my limited colour palette challenge of July 2020, which also use the exact same colours. I wanted to create images to promote taking some time to focus on yourself and think about your own well being. I also wanted the images to create imagery which wouldn’t be out of place in an article or a blog post regarding self care.

A woman sitting on a sofa reading  a book, while her phone, lies on the floor, lighting up as though it has gotten messages.
Media: Digital.

In this day and age we tend to be online all the time, especially during the global pandemic, as it’s one of the ways we are keeping in touch with our loved ones. Sometimes this means we’re spending more and more time on social media, which is a bit like a double edged sword; allowing us to keep up with our loved ones, but also see what everyone else are doing and feeling left out or even left behind. Therefore, it can be so useful to spend some time away from social media, and even from our devices, and sometimes a great book can be a good way to relax and think about other things for a while.

A woman sitting with her legs crossed, hands in a prayer position in the middle of her chest, with her eyes shut, meditating.
Media: Digital.

While this is one of the poses people may use when meditating, it is most definitively not the only one. Meditating is hard, I have no idea how people manage to empty their thoughts and only focus on their breath. Thought I have heard that it has a lot of benefits, and can really help you take some time to focus on yourself for a little bit, which is something we all need once in a while.

A person wearing a beauty mask relaxing in a bathtub filled with bubbles.
Media: Digital.

Sometimes what you need is a proper relaxing bath, and pamper yourself; a home spa if you’d like. It most certainly looks very relaxing and lovely.